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Mr.Amitha Gamage
Chairman / CEO
National Gem & Jewellery Authority


It is with a deep sense of contentment and insightful accomplishment that I contribute this message to the corporate profile of The National Gem & Jewellery Authority (NGJA) of Sri Lanka as the Chairman - Chief Executive Officer. The NGJA vested with the mandate to Regulate, Develop and Promote the Sri Lankan Gem & Jewellery Industry has today strived to accomplish the commitment conferred in its charter as a premier national institution having recorded the 3rd position in the gross National Export. Comprehensive Industry benevolent liberalization of stifling legislative regulations have indeed been the epitome of our focus. The spectrum of well deliberated strategies delicately implemented have not only underpinned the ever widening marketing horizons of the industry but has also nurtured the enhancement and growth of the stakeholder community engaged in the industry. Inspired by the Global branding “Sri Lanka - The Sapphire Capital” over and above the “Gem Richness of The Nation” we, at National Gems & Jewellery Authority (NGJA) have initiated a multitude of result yielding positive measures for the betterment of the industry. As the Chairman – CEO of the NGJA it is my insightful contentment to announce that comprehensive transnational efforts at enhancing the Industry Visibility, Transparency, Knowledge and Skill aptitude of all stake holders associated with the industry are already in place with the view to upgrade “The offer of Sri Lanka” to the International Market.

Sri Lanka, is indeed a blessed nation enriched with dazzling gems of matchless range and quality. The glittering magnificence veiled protectively inside her middle has earned Sri Lanka many nick names of fond reference by ancient tradesmen such as Marco Polo and Iban Batuta. Little has changed since the times of Marco Polo and Iban Batuta since Sri Lanka continues to enjoy her undisputed acceptance to be regarded as the premier most source of precious coloured stones of global acknowledgment. The purposeful intent of the activities instigated by the NGJA has indeed contributed positively by enhancing the Gemstone exportation volumes to many countries such as USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Britain, European Union, Switzerland and Singapore recording a staggering 22% increase in 2014 comparison to previous year. Comprehensive Participation at all trade Fairs & Exhibitions pursuing the perceptibility of Sri Lankan Gem & Jewellery industry under “Sri Lanka - The Sapphire Capital” branding strategy whist extracting the promotional impact of the ever so popular “Sri Lanka Pavilions” have indeed been the additional support measure facilitated by the NGJA.

Furthermore, in this focus and background it is my prerogative to conceitedly specify that the upgrading of the Laboratory at the NGJA to be a State of the Art, High Tech Gemmological laboratory has been the long awaited impetus benefitting the local industry. Establishment of such a facility would indeed be another purpose driven benefaction established by the NGJA. The Globally accredited and Recognized Laboratory constituent of Internationally renowned Expatriate Gemmologists, Explicitly trained staff inclusive of the Ultramodern Equipment would undeniably serve as the springboard generating invaluable buyer confidence whilst providing a service of immense convenience to all investors involved in the industry.


Yours sincerely,

Amitha Gamage

Chairman / CEO
National Gem & Jewellery Authority

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Srilanka the Gorgeous Pearl of The Indian Ocean is not only a beautiful Island nation veiled by the “Endless Sheets of Heaven” , The Magnificently Picturesque Nation is a “Treasure Island”, enriched with the astonishing splendor of vividly coloured bewitching gem stones that glitter to outshine the twinkling stars of a cloudless night.

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