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Kimberly Process Agreement (Kpa)

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (Kpcs) Is The Process Established In 2003 To Prevent "Conflict Diamonds" From Entering The Mainstream Rough Diamond Market By United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56 Following Recommendations In The Fowler Report. The Process Was Set Up "To Ensure That Diamond Purchases Were Not Financing Violence By Rebel Movements And Their Allies Seeking To Undermine Legitimate Governments."

The Effectiveness Of The Process Has Been Brought Into Question By Organizations Such As Global Witness, Which Pulled Out Of The Scheme On 5 December 2011, Claiming It Has Failed In Its Purpose And Does Not Provide Markets With Assurance That The Diamonds Are Not Conflict Diamonds.

The Kimberley Process (Kp) Is A Joint Governments, Industry And Civil Society Initiative To Stem The Flow Of “Conflict Diamonds” – Rough Diamonds Used By Rebel Movements To Finance Wars Against Legitimate Governments.

Under The Kimberly Process Agreement (Kpa) Diamond Mining, Processing And Trading Countries Agreed To Establish Legislation To Eliminate Trade In “Conflict Diamonds”. The Process Was Established In  2003 To Prevent Rebel Groups And Their Rivals From Financing Their War Aim From Diamond Sales. The Certification Scheme Aims At Preventing These “Blood Diamonds” From Entering The Mainstream Rough Diamond Market. It Was  Set Up With The Aim Of Assuring The Consumers That By Purchasing Diamonds They Were Not Financing War & Humen Right Abuses.

When All Countries Involved In The Export And Import Of Diamonds Sign This Treaty The Illegal Trading Of Diamonds Will Be Minimized.

The Above Scheme Was Up Into Operation With Effect From 1st January 2003. Sri Lanka Become The 30th Country To Sign The “Kpcs” To Enable Sri Lankans To Legitimately Import & Export Diamonds. The Government Of Sri Lanka Has Nominated The National Gem & Jewellery Authority As The Official Body For Implementing And Certification Under The “Kpcs” Those Countries Who Have Signed The Kimberly Process Agreement Are Given Below.

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