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Special News Alert related to the Gem & Jewellery dealing complaints reported within the year 2018,

5 foreign complaints and few local complaints has been reported related to the Gem & Jewellery dealing within the year 2018, As per the results of inquries, conducted Rs. 450,133.33 settlement fee was imposed per case and altogether Rs. 1,450,133.32 had been charged in accordance with the inquiry results of foreign cases. However 4 inquiries related to local case are still in process.

Offences identified in inquiries:

  1. Not declared foreign exchange transactions to the National Gem & Jewellery Authority,
  2. Sale of Fake Stones to buyers,
  3. Issuance of fake Gem identification certificates to consumers,
  4. Not Registering the Jewellery trading and manufacturing with the National Gem & Jewellery Authority,
  5. Carrying on Gem & Jewellery Dealing without Dealers license,
  6. Sale of non-substantial Jewellery

Director (National Enforcement & Regional Development)

Use the bellow link for find the Traders list

List of Inspected Gem & Jewellery License by National Enforcement & Regional Development Division