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The State Gem Corporation was established under the State Gem Corporation Act No. 13 of 1971 on 9th of March 1971 for the Development, Regulation and Control of the Gem Industry. The State Gem Corporation came into operation on 15th November 1971. Below listed are it's scope of activities and functions.

  • The promotion and the development of the Gem and Jewelery Industry.

  • The promotion and the development of research in Gemstones and Jewelery Industry.

  • The development and optimization of skills and aptitudes of individuals employed or engaged in the Gem and Jewelery Industry.

  • The initiation and implementation of strategies focused on the promotion and development of the Gem and Jewelery Industry.

  • The exploitation of international as well as local markets for Gemstones of Sri Lankan origin.

  • The regulation, supervision and administration of the Gem and Jewelery Industry.

  • Assurance of safe and just employment within the Gem and Jewelery Industry.

  • The prevention of the illegal mining and export of Gemstones.

  • To be the sole authority responsible for the alienation of the right to mine for gems in or over crown land or in or over land disposed of by the Crown where the mining or gemming rights remain with the Crown, where by reason of any reservation or otherwise.

  • The administration of any scheduled written law in so far only, as it is applicable in the case of gems or the Gem Industry or as it may be necessary so to do for the purpose of enabling the corporation to exercise, discharge and perform its powers, functions and duties.

Thus the SGC became the sole authority responsible for the issue of licenses to carry on the gem industry. With the involvement of SGC, unlawful removal of gems of the country rapidly decreased and exports rapidly increased. New mining towns sprang up and more and more people took to gem mining and gem dealing which was until then confined to a handful of people. The SGC was given the exclusive rights on the exports of gemstones thereby compelling all gem exporters to channel their exports through the government.

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Srilanka the Gorgeous Pearl of The Indian Ocean is not only a beautiful Island nation veiled by the “Endless Sheets of Heaven” , The Magnificently Picturesque Nation is a “Treasure Island”, enriched with the astonishing splendor of vividly coloured bewitching gem stones that glitter to outshine the twinkling stars of a cloudless night.

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