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Sanctified by picturesque landscapes, crystalline waves kissing the palm fringed golden sandy beaches, misty mountains and friendly people, this island paradise homes an astonishing assortment of vividly coloured precious Gemstones. Throughout history, the brilliance of Sri Lankan Gemstones inspired kings, traders and historians across the globe. The legacy continues, as Sri Lanka still holds the crown for producing world class Gemstones. Welcome to the ‘Rathna Dveepaya’ or the ‘Gemmed Island’; and be mesmerized by the beauties unearthed every day.

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, has been known to the world for centuries as a land blessed with dazzling Gemstones. Sea faring traders from all over the world chose this magical land as a much sought after port of call in their voyages searching for the world’s finest gem stones. Famous historical chronicles testify that royals around the world, including the English Royal Family have adorned their icons of monarchy with Gemstones from Sri Lanka.

Spanning across 65,000 square Kilometres, out of which 80% of the landmass undisputedly declared as ‘Potential Gem Bearings’, Sri Lanka possesses the highest density of Gemstone deposits in the world producing over 70 varieties out of around 200 known Gemstone varieties in the world.