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    • Receipt of the 8 Copy Set of Invoices with Customs & Valuer Gemologists Authorization from the NGJA officer on Duty at the Examination & Valuation room


    • Registration of Export , Assignment and Imprinting of a Record-keeping number on all copies of the invoice in accordance to the ngjas’ Prescriptive Export Categorization


    • Distribution of invoice copies with the assigned number inscription as listed below

    • 1. Copy - Submission of the 1 st copy to Counter 4 for the purpose of Record Keeping & Reference of the Export Services Department.

      2. Copy -Submission of the 2 nd copy to The Customs Department for the purpose of Record Keeping & Reference.

      3. Copy -Recording of the 3 rd copy in the Handed over to “Statistic Department Register” and its compilation along with the 3rd copies of the days exports for Next Mornings submission.

      4. Copy -Submission of the 4 th copy to Counter No: 3 for the calculation of Export Service Fee (ESF) Applicable in Lieu of the Export and Payment of Finalized ESF to The Cashier.

      5. Copies Submission of the Balance set of 4 copies with the appropriate Seals to the Relevant Assistant Director of Export Services who originally examined the export consignment for verification and consignment release authorization