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Jewellery Testing Laboratory


  • Assaying and Hallmarking System has been practiced in the world for many centuries in order to maintain and regulate Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewellery Standards as well as to protect consumer and the jewellery industry. The term “Assaying” refers to Chemical Analysis of precious metals (according to ISO methods) and “Hallmarking” refers to stamping / marking on Jewellery with specific Stamps/ Logos to certify the precious metal standards and type of Metal as per specific test carried out by an “independent Laboratory”


  • The first Assay Office in Sri Lanka was established in Colombo during 1981 under the purview of the then State Gem Corporation with the objective of making jewellery “Hallmarking” mandatory in Sri Lanka. For this entire process, Technical consultancy and Training of officers were provided by the experts of the London Assay Office, UK. In this regard, establishment of two branch Assay Offices in Galle and Kandy were also envisaged along with the introduction of appropriate assaying and hallmarking standards and Laws/ regulations as appropriate.

     Importance of Assaying and Hallmarking jewellery

  • Protects Consumer as well as safeguard the jewellery industry from unethical practices/ competions.
  • Support to Maintain Sri Lankan jewellery standards in par with International Standards.
  • Minimize frauds (Under Karating) during Jewellery manufacturing trading and pawning etc.
  • Important tool to promote our jewellery in competitive international markets.
  • Essential system for Sri Lanka to be a full member of the Hallmarking Convention.
  • Where Sri Lanka Assay Office will be empowered by the convention to use world recognized “Convention Hallmark” which is a definite value addition for our jewellery exports. As well as eradicate
  • Cross border settings “At present 22 countries enjoy full membership of the convention, where as Sri Lanka, Italy and Ukraine are categorized as “observe members”.
  • Revenue Generation.



To protect consumers by providing innovative test, certification and hallmarking services in compliance with legislation and government regulations.


Globally recognized certification for protection, regulation and compliance.


Services provided by the Assessing Office

Analysis of Gold Jewelry / Alloy and Hallmarkidal (2 days)
Analysis of Silver Jewelry / Alloy and Hallmarkidal (2 days)
Platinum Jewelry / Alloy and Hallmarkidal (2 days)
Issuance of jewelery rating reports (per field) (4 hours)
Issuance of assessment reports as per court orders (2-3 weeks)
Other metal analysis (02 days)
Technical Advice Arrangement (01 hrs)

Charges with affect from 17th of April 2018 for Testing and Hallmarking Jewellery Items

(A) Issue of Assay Reports on Precious Metals/ Alloys/ Testing point

Metal Type  Charges (Rs.)  NBT (Rs.)
Gold 500.00 10.00
Silver 250.00 5.00
Platinum 1,000.00 20.00
Palladium 1,000.00 20.00
Elemental qualitative Analysis  (Per Report) 350.00 7.00


(B) Issue of Assay Reports on Precious Metal Jewellery/ Coins

Metal Type Charges (Rs.) NBT(Rs.) VAT(Rs.) Total (Rs.)
Gold 700.00 14.00 107.10 821.10
Silver 300.00 6.00 45.90 351.90
Platinum 1,200.00 24.00 183.60 1,407.60


(C) Issue of Assay Reports on Precious metal articels other than Jewellery

Metal Type Charges (Rs.) NBT(Rs.) VAT(Rs.) Total (Rs.)
Gold 1,200.00 24.00 183.60 1,407.60
Silver 700.00 14.00 107.10 821.10
Platinum 1,500.00 30.00 229.50 1,759.50


(D)  (I) Hallmarking Charges of Jewellery

Metal Type Charges (per item) (Rs.)
Charges NBT VAT Total
Gold 200.00 4.00 30.60 234.60
Silver 100.00 2.00 15.30 117.30
Platinum / Palladium 200.00 4.00 30.60 234.60

(II) Charges for  Stamping of Sponsor Mark

Sponsor Mark Rs. 50.00 Rs.1.00 Rs.7.65 Rs.58.65

(E) Assaying & Hallmarking charges for jewellery lots submitted by jewellers

Gold Jewellery

No of Items  Charges per Item (Rs.)           NBT (Rs.) VAT (Rs.) Total  (Rs.)
 10-100 450.00  9.00 68.85  527.85
101-200 425.00  8.50 65.02 498.52
200>  400.00  8.00 61.20 469.20

Silver Jewellery

  No of Items  Charges per Item (Rs.)           NBT (Rs.) VAT (Rs.) Total (Rs.)
 10-100 300.00  6.00 45.90  351.90
101-200 250.00  5.00 38.25 293.25
200>  200.00  4.00 30.60 234.60

Jewellery valuation charges for custom /Visa requirements

Each value slabs of Rs. 50,000/- will be charges Rs. 1,000/-